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from £0.34

Each pad offers a huge branding area for your design. They feature 25 sheets of white 80gsm paper glued to a quality backboard. Price includes a 1 colour print to each sheet.

from £0.55

Utilising full colour print as standard, this A5 writing pad contains 50 sheets 80gsm white paper and glued securely at the head to an unprinted greyboard backing card which can be inserted into a conference folder.

from £0.65

The new Keyboard pad contains 50 sheets white paper, 92 x 420mm, glued on the long edge securely to a board back at foot. 5 standard designs to chose from, this is the perfect way to plan your week. Available in recycled paper. Made in Britain. Please enquire for additional print colour costs.

from £0.74

4 sticky notes in white and 3 bright colors.

from £0.90

Containing 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper with a card cover. Pricing is for a 1 colour print to cover and each sheet.

from £0.95

Cardholder including memo- and sticky notes.

from £1.00

The handy size of the this stick note set ensures thatthis product is an essential on anyone's desktop!Its hardback cover contains page tags in five brightcolours and a set of sticky notes.

from £1.65

Printed full colour to each sheet and glued securely to either top or bottom edge of each pad as preferred. Each pad contains 50 sheets of 80gsm white paper and glued to unprinted greyboard backing card.

from £2.04

A useful item for any desktop or workspace, theColours combo pad with pen includes a notepad, page tags,sticky notes and a matching ballpoint pen.Ideal for keeping on a desktop or using when outand about.

from £17.83

This elegant desk blotter is made in soft smooth water resistant leather with a clever magnetic closure at the top to retain paper.



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