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Lip Balm



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from £0.48

Transparent plastic lip balm stick (white, silver and black are solid colours) with SPF15 protection.

from £0.51

Deale lipbalm stick. Lip salve for keeping lips moist and protected from external elements. Plastic.

from £0.55

Natural lip balm in assorted colours. Dermatologically tested. SPF15.

from £0.64

Frosted translucent lip balm cylinder

from £0.88

Allure Lip Balm. Lip balm case with mirror inside of lid. Vanilla-flavoured, neutral colour lip balm. Plastic.

from £1.00

Fruity flavoured lip balm in round pot. Dermatologically tested.

from £1.05

10ml natural base lip balm in an aluminium tin. Available in a range of flavours and colours upon request.

from £1.05

Rolli metallic lip balm. Vanilla-flavoured, neutral colour lip balm in metallic colour ball case. Twist off top lid to expose lip balm. One colour imprint, black ink only. Plastic.

from £1.08

Cubix Lip Balm. Vanilla-flavoured, neutral colour lip balm in a cube case. Twist off lid. Plastic.

from £1.10

A 9ml vanilla flavoured golf ball shaped lip balm. Whatever the weather, lips need caring for as the sun, wind and rain all cause problems for your lips, especially sports lovers.

from £1.18

Natural ball shaped lip balm presented square ABS box. Dermatologically tested. SPF15.

from £1.23

Natural lip balm in a shiny silver round box. Dermatologically tested. SPF15



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