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Safety Products



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from £0.45

Simple RFID credit card protector in plastic.

from £0.50

Plastic neon snap arm band. For promotional use only.

from £0.81

Plastic safety light with clip two functions can blink or have permanent light. Batteries included.

from £0.89

Heart shaped flashing safety light with a clip attachment. Batteries included.

from £0.95

Promotional whistle for a message with a signal.

from £1.02

UV sensor watch/ bracelet for skin protection awareness. The device will notify by a circle-shaped UV chain meter the level of UV (Ultraviolet) intensity.

from £1.04

Aluminium hands free door opener, anodized finish with engraved logo.

from £1.07

Shini reflector light. Reflector with flashing red light and back clip. Battery included. ABS and PP plastic.

from £1.14

SunScreen Printed stick SPF 30 protection, easy to apply, not greasy and water resistant.

from £1.18

Reflector Carabiner Key Light. Reflecting carabiner with chrome clip and LED light with power button. Batteries included. ABS plastic.

from £1.38

Blinki Reflector Light. Three LED light settings (solid, blinking and flashing left to right).  Press on/off power button and function switch on back.  Plastic hanging clip. Batteries included. ABS plastic with PS plastic reflector.

from £1.43

Safety light with hanger. Includes 3 LED changing lights.



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