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Car Accessories



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from £0.42

A simple and practical device that checks whether your tyre tread depth is within the legal limit. This item comes complete with a keyring or ball chain fitting. Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

from £0.67

2 port USB in-car 2 amp charger with coloured trim. Charge up to 2 mobile phones or 2 tablets simultaneously, simply plug the charger into the cigarette port of your vehicle.

from £0.75

Ice scraper and sweeper with handle.

from £0.75

Ice scraper in transparent PP.

from £0.80

Plastic parking disc with four different languages.

from £0.92

Tyre gauge with split ring keyring

from £0.93

Plastic car power adapter with one USB port, plugs into the car cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port, with an input of 12-24V, and an output of 5V/800mAh.

from £0.97

Plastic mobile phone holder for in the car, to be attached to the ventilation grill with included clip. The brackets can expand to 8,3cm.

from £1.01

Neoprene hand or seatbelt cover with velcro fastening

from £1.22

5-in-1 parking disk. Parking disk with an ice scraper, rubber wiper, trolley coin and tyre tread depth gauge. Disk has a large white logo area on the back. ?Hour Of Arrival? text on disk cover listed in Dutch, English, French, German & Italian. Regulations may vary locally. PS plastic.

from £1.25

USB car charger in ABS and aluminium alloy with red light charger indicator. Delivered in silver carton box.

from £1.63

Set of two polyester sun Screen Printeds for your car. With suction cups to attach to the windows (two per Screen Printed).



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