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from £0.38

Plastic cutter with ten blades.

from £0.44

Translucent plastic cutter with seven blades.

from £0.47

Plastic cutter with safety mechanism.

from £0.75

Stainless steel multifunctional tool with eleven functions. Functions include: knife, can opener, butterfly nut, saw, screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, and different sized wrenches. Packaged in PU pouch.

from £0.81

PS mini tool set, with a screwdriver and four magnetic bits (two flat-head screwdrivers and two cross-head screwdrivers).

from £1.03

Branch function screwdriver tool and tape measurer. Slide out screwdriver tool containing 2 Philips head and 2 flat head bit sizes. Includes retractable 1M/3ft measuring tape. ABS plastic.

from £1.10

Forza 4 function screwdriver set. Slide out compartment contains 2 sizes flathead and 2 sizes Philips head bits. Magnetic base holds bit in place for use. ABS and AS plastic.

from £1.17

Multi-tool pocket with 11 functions in stainless steel with PU pouch.

from £1.18

Saki 15 function tool card. 15 functions in 1 tool card with imitation leather pouch. Stainless steel.

from £1.40

Aluminium bicycle bell with compass.

from £1.45

Mini plastic tool set with four different screw bits two cross recess and two flat head including spirit level and a blue LED light. Batteries included.

from £1.45

Double side printed ruler with 50 cm on one side and 20 inches on the other side. Divided into several foldable piece. Split metal key ring.



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