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from £0.26

PP webcam cover with double-sided stickers to hold the cover in place. The cover easily slides open and closed.

from £0.29

Shoe pedometer in white with silver face and grey button.

from £0.45

Memory foam earplugs in transparent case. Ideal for home or travel.

from £0.80

Pair of earphones with two spare sets of buds; presented in a plastic case. Great choice of colours.

from £1.04

Pair of earphones (cable is approx. 124 cms) supplied in a matching coloured plastic case which can also be used as a tablet or mobile phone holder.

from £1.05

Set of 2 reusable silicone earplugs with triple flange and neck cord in PP case. Earplugs reduce sound up to 29dB. Cord length: 65 cm. EN352 compliant. .

from £1.07

Basic plastic step counter pedometer. Batteries included.

from £1.10

Micro-B USB to USB-C Connector.

from £1.12

Plastic basic pedometer with step counter. It will automatically turn off if motion is not detected after one and half minutes but still retains the memory. Batteries included.

from £1.14

Pair of coloured earphones (cable is approx. 109 cm) supplied in a matching coloured round plastic case.

from £1.17

Rebel Earbuds. Plastic triangular case with cable storage. Use with any standard audio device with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Plastic.

from £1.20

These lightweight earphones featured in a transparent case are perfect for travel as the portable, triangular plastic case keeps the earphones protected and tangle-free.



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