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Hilton Doubletree were sponsoring every outdoor cinema event in the country.

They wanted a pack to give to all the visitors to promote the brand and asked us to come up with some ideas.

The idea that was settled upon was 

- Wash bag (had to be clear to see the contents)

- Fan to keep the guess cool, but also a big branding opportunity

- Suncream - as it does get hot in England!!

- Insect repelant - to keep those midges and mosquito's away

- Poncho ball - easy to carry around with you and stops you from getting wet! 

- Mints - who doesn't need to be minty fresh.

- Oyster card holder - to keep your ticket in, but also something to carry on using in the future.

Over 35,000 of these were distributor and persuade Hilton Double tree to do two more years of sponsorship. The following year we produced pop-out postcard sunglasses, followed by face masks. All to create social media engagement which were a great success.